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Hello Parents, I am Professor DAVID ESCOBAR and I want to speak to you about the importance of getting your child into a MARTIAL ART CHILD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM that is right for YOUR CHILD.    I ask you not to take into consideration my 20 years of Martial Arts experience, the thousands of children I've help get into well known high schools and colleges, or the fact that I tried out for the UFC, as the highlights of my career.  However,  take into consideration my long lasting relationship with many of my students and their families as testament of my success as a martial art instructor (some of my students have been with me for over a decade).  I know how important Developing Life Skills can be to a child's life.  Choosing the right Martial Art academy for your child  can be one of the most important decisions you will ever make as a parent.  The right choice can do so much to edify your child: help them achieve greater self confidence, academic success, physical fitness, leadership skills and bring order to their day-to-day routine.  Unfortunately, if you make the wrong decision it can have a negative effect.  That's why TEAM ENDURANCE MMA has a Martial Art Child Development program GUARANTEED to have a positive impact in their LIFE.


Come in for a FREE PRIVATE INTRO CLASS and find out why TEAM ENDURANCE MMA/CHILD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM is the leading martial art academy in the Jersey City area when it comes to CHILDREN'S MARTIAL ARTS.  We will help you choose wisely and avoid a marital art academy that is not for your family.  See for yourself what an MARTIAL ART CHILD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM should have in store of you.  There is only one way to find out and that's by coming in for a FREE PRIVATE TRIAL CLASS.  As a new member you have to know why the people at your martial arts academy (instructors and fellow students)  will determine your success of your child.  You also have to find out how they are  going to be a positive influence on your child or whether they will hold them back.  YOU MUST ENSURE the program suits what you want for your child!


Many martial art schools throw all the students together regardless of age, experience and whether or not they want to improve: PHYSICAL FITNESS, LEARN SELF-DEFENSE or BECOME COMPETITORS.  YOU MUST find out if the program will fit what YOU want for YOU!  FIND OUT and compare:  The Structure of our Curriculum in comparison to other academies in the area, find out how our program is customized to meet YOUR GOALS and NEEDS and how our Workouts always has an objective in mind.  The instructors at Team Endurance MMA/Child Development Program have the skills, expertise and training needed to help you achieve their goals.


When you decide our program is the correct academy for you (or your family) we will give you 30 DAYS FREE with a FREE UNIFORM, FREE T-SHIRT AND FREE BOXING GLOVES.  That's how confident we are about our MARTIAL ART CHILD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM!  Here are a few things you will discover when you come in for your FREE PRIVATE INTRO CLASS. Choosing the right MARTIAL ART program can boost your child's confidence, focus and physical fitness. It will prepare them more effectively for all the challenges they will face in today's competitive world.  A MARTIAL ART CHILD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM should grow with your child and become a part of their life style, helping you develop them as an individual, adding new knowledge, skills and expertise that helps them make progress year after year.  Making the right choice will make your child HAPPIER & HEALTHIER!!! 



  • Martial Art Enrichment Program

    This program is available throughout the academic school year (September to June). We take great care and pride in having age specific classes for our member.

    • Lion Cubs 4-6 yrs old
    • Black Belt Club 7-10 yrs old
    • Pre-Teen MMA 10-12 yrs old
    • Teen MMA 13-16 yrs old
  • One Free Week Of Karate Summer Camp

    This program is available at the end of the academic school year for summer break (July to August).  This is a 8 week summer camp program, from 9am-5pm with early drop off and late pickup available and with transportation.  Field trips included to Six Flags and other activities.  Save big with early registration!  Early Registration Starts May 1st of every calendar year. WARNING!  We advice you CLICK on this link to reserve your spot as soon as possible!  This program is in High Demand and it fills up quickly!!!